Who is Fellisha the Deathless?

Fellisha the Deathless is the owner and creator of invito umbra, embodying all fragments synthesizing invito umbra including BoneWeaver a sisterhood, and coven in creation for New England Witches to share practice by engaging in ritual workshops, divination, movement, and the handmade arts. Silk Ghosts the garment company and curated vintage collective, the Deathless Bibliotheca a collection of handcrafted artist books, and Soft Light Dark Places, analogue, digital, and instant photography reflecting the soft places of a dark world. 

Fellisha the Deathless is a New England Occultist and witch, as well as a visual artist and synthesizer of worlds. She is a naturalist interweaving the living natural world heavily into her work and practice. She has dedicated herself as a herald of knowledge working in the archives of library science. 

Her visual pieces exist within different realms of the design world. She does not classify her work as each creation is drawn from fleeting curiosities within her own worlds. Instead of separating practices, she utilizes tools gained from all facets of experience to bring together final pieces. Reoccurring themes in her creative practice are magic, mysticism, and nature as a conduit.

While formats may vary, her works often appear in the forms of mystic practice, photography, bookmaking, and curation with a concentration in wardrobe and set design for cinematography and visual storytelling. Fellisha the Deathless works primarily within the realm of full scale conceptual pieces and with individuals whose projects align with the nature of her work and who share kindred visions.