Costume | Set Design

The Deathless at Silk Ghosts specializes in wardrobe and set design for cinematic projects and experimental photography. The scope of this process involves in-depth research, wardrobe shopping, styling, and hand aging or altering pieces to meet project needs based on concept or character development. Extensive research is necessary to realistically reproduce details of wardrobe and props relative to a given time period or location. Specific materials, fabrics, color palette, and signs of age are factors that add to the overall composition of a portrait piece or film. Character development throughout plot or storyline requires careful examination to dictate choices of garments with intention relating to character growth and change in mood. The Deathless executes all aspects of the design process from the primary steps of research and ending with a complete tangible archive of all wardrobe pieces utilized in each shoot, set, or scene throughout the artistic process as a record and point of reference for production. Specific projects may dictate the necessity of additional services and are assessed on an individual basis upon consultation.